Polyamide 6 - PA6 - Beta Product

Typical applications of PA6 are in mechanical engineering, in the production of bearings, gears, parts for household appliances and consumer goods, cladding, fittings or pump elements. Applications in the engine area such as carburetor parts or intake manifolds are also possible.

In classical plastics processing, polyamide 6, with a market share of over 50 %, is of much greater importance than PA12 and PA11, which are used for special applications. PA 6 is characterized in particular by better mechanical properties and higher temperature resistance.

Best elongation at break even in dry state

ROLASERIT® PA6-01-BK offers very good processing with high strength and stiffness. Compared to other PA6 powders on the market, the material has a high elongation at break of 15 % in the build plane and 4 % in the building direction, even when dry. This means that the material does not become brittle even at high operating temperatures, so that even small features and details can be realized in functional components.

Carbon fiber reinforced variant

The performance of the material can further be increased with the carbon fiber-filled variant PA6-01-CF. The material has a strength of 85 MPa and a Young's modulus of 7,300 MPa, a level that can hardly be achieved by any other material in laser-sintering. At the same time, material does not exhibit significant weakening in the building direction. The application temperature HDT A rises to over 196 °C, making many high-temperature applications possible.

Material Data





Young's modulus [N/mm²]



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