Polyamide 66 - PA66 - Development Product

AM Polymers is committed to innovation and progress in the plastic powder industry. That is why we are constantly working on new solutions to meet your increased requirements. For the first time, a PA66 material for laser sintering or powder bed fusion is introduced.

Typical applications of PA66 are in the field of mechanically and thermally stressed moulded parts in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and apparatus engineering, e.g. coil formers, plain bearings, gear wheels, guide and coupling parts, housing parts.

PA66 is characterized in particular by high heat distortion and ageing resistance, high hardness, rigidity and abrasion resistance. In classical plastics processing, PA66 is much more important than PA12 and PA11, which are used for special applications.

Even in dry condition good elongation at break

Even in the dry state, the ROLASERIT® PA66-01-BK has a high elongation at break of more than 8 % in the building plane, while achieving typical strength of PA66. This means that the material does not become brittle even at high operating temperatures, so that even small features and details in functional components can be realized.

PA66 has very high HDT B temperature of 230°C offering a potential replacement of high-performance materials. In addition, natural material is flame-retardant according to UL94-V2.

As a filled variant, the HDT B even rises to 258 °C and even HDT A is at 227 °C, making the substitution of high-performance thermoplastics in applications under load possible.

 PA66-01-BK can already be offered as a service for the production of parts.

Material Data


Reinforced PA66



Young's modulus [N/mm²]



Tensile strength [N/mm²]



Elongation at break [%]